Update wednesday 14:45

Published on: 13 June, 2019

Juniors 8+
After many requests, it was decided not to merge juniors 16 and 18 for both boys and girls. In addition, the races for lanes for the juniors 18 eights will be canceled. This means that:
– for the juniors 18 8+ the races for lanes will be canceled, the starting times of the finals will remain virtually the same.
– For both boys and girls juniors 16 8+ there will be a direct final in block 18 (at the end of the day).

DE 2x
As indicated in the provisional timetable, the Dutch Championship in the DE 2x has been moved from Saturday to Sunday. As a result, preliminary matches will be sailed in this field at the end of block 5.

J18 2x
Due to a withdrawal, the semi-finals for the J18 2x have been canceled. As a result, the pre-competitions from Saturday will be moved to Sunday morning. So no J18 2x will be started on Saturday.

The changes to the timetable will come online during the evening.

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