TU Delft

TU Delft supports students who combine study and top-level sport and invests in the development of talent within and outside the lecture halls. It pays to invest in top talent in education, science and sports. This is demonstrated by the projects in the field of Sport Innovation at TU Delft and Rowing Talent Center Zuid-Holland (RTC). The cooperation between the business community, knowledge institutions and the sports world contributes to successful results. The Damen Raceroei Regatta promises to be a great event where young and celebrated talent challenges each other on the water, where the university and the business community meet. TU Delft sponsors the rowing community. Paul Rullmann, Vice President for Education and Operations at TU Delft, in Rowing Talent Center’s annual report: “The university considers it important that students excel not only in science. As a rower in the Rowing Talent Center Zuid-Holland you will be encouraged to also pursue your sporting ambitions. “

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