How can you set up e-learning course packages via the Internet if you are one of the first to get started? That is the question that PlusPort founders Ron Bruijn and Yvonne Loef asked each other eleven years ago. Ron asked that himself from his expertise in the field of bandwidth and internet at KPNQwest and Yvonne from the educational side.

During the establishment in November 2003, the internet was not as established as it is today. Yvonne and Ron came to the conclusion that someone had to have an intrinsic motivation to want to learn online instead of being in a class. Looking back, the question was always when we launched a new product: “What’s in it for me?”. E-learning course packages had to be cheap and good and to start immediately. It could not be a book, but had to bring much more.

The first step on the market

A certificate or diploma to be able to do your work proved to be a good motivation. When VCA certification started to play an increasingly important role in the field of safe working, we launched our first product: the VCA course via the internet. Not listening to someone reading from their own work or reading books all day, but going through interactive training modules, including questions, examples of safe behavior, testing, and especially sound and assignments.

The first three years it was very difficult to convince clients of the benefits of online learning. Partly because little was known about this learning method, but also because people did not believe that operational employees could do this. Of course we persisted and more and more customers were willing to take the gamble, thanks to the enormous cost savings and improvement in effectiveness. And not with great success!

From 2003 to the present, more than 90,000 candidates have been successfully trained by us for one of the e-learning safety training courses that we offer on our direct websites via the internet. And we are proud of that!


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