Company profile

Heijmans is a listed company that combines activities related to property development, building & technology, roads and civil engineering in the areas living, working and connecting. Our constant focus on quality improvements, innovation and integrated solutions enables us to generate added value for our clients. Heijmans realises projects for private consumers, companies and public sector bodies, and together we are building the spatial contours of tomorrow.


Heijmans dates back to 1923 when Jan Heijmans started his roadworks company in Rosmalen. Already innovative at the time as one of the very first to start using bituminous road surfaces. The post-war reconstruction provided plenty of opportunities for growth, through the repair and laying of roadways and airfields. In 1993, Heijmans was listed on the Amsterdam Exchanges. This made further growth possible. Today Heijmans is creating space by launching innovative ideas and showing its colour in the market.

Contours of tomorrow

Ultimately ideas and solutions can create added value for clients, if they are also good for the living environment. As builders that is exactly where we can make a difference. Therefore we strive to combine creating value and social relevance. By creating buildings that produce energy instead of spending it. By designing plans that save space and combine functions and by re-using materials. Therefore many of our products and services add value instead of abstract it.

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