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Tender and Procurement Management offers support in the realization of a strategic value proposal for tenders. By going through our tender strategy process together, we create original ideas for the project together. By stimulating and challenging, these original ideas lead to realistic added value. With creativity we bring out the potential of organizations in a unique offer.

Project and process management offers PMP offers demonstrable and manageable projects. We do this with our services in process control, quality and contract management. We are the answer to System-oriented Contract Management and we provide a structured basis for mutual trust between clients and our customers.

Maintenance and Asset Management offers a pragmatic approach that simplifies the processes that lead to a high-quality asset management strategy. We thereby increase the predictability of network qualities. We believe that this is the critical success factor for asset management.

Environmental management offers lasting support in the environment for every project. We do this with high-quality stakeholder and permit management with more than sufficient understanding of conditioning. We provide the connection between the environment and the project for our customers. We thereby guarantee the success of project realization with the environment.

Our advice is visible because we show how processes can be improved, feel natural and really work for organizations. That means that we often “just do it” and therefore stand on the pedals ourselves. The goal is that the organizations ultimately ‘do it themselves’.

Our team of consultants kicks in with a special mix of different capacities, knowledge and skills. It sounds cliché, but people are more important than the CV. And the team is more important to us than the person. We actively manage our mutual relationship and cooperation with our customers. We tell each other what we think, what we feel and give each other space in this.

Our customers are active in the infrastructure, construction, installation and energy sectors. We work with our team of 35 enthusiastic consultants for an average of 40 customers. These include national and provincial governments, Cobouw top 50 contractors, local contractors around the corner, installers and engineering firms. We are DPI, Dutch Process Innovators Targeted. Pragmatic. Inventive.


More information: http://dutchpi.com/

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