Regatta Boulevard

The Damen Raceroei Regatta would be nothing without her spectators. To provide you with a pleasant experience over the entire weekend, the time between races can be spent at the Regatta Boulevard, where you can enjoy various exhibitions, have a drink and learn all about rowing.
Regatta boulevard
Dream Teams
Over the past decade, Delft University of technology has acquired quite a reputation in the field of (sustainable) innovation. A big driving factor in this was provided by the so-called “Dream Teams”, which are groups of students who are offered the opportunity to build a vehicle (land- or water-based, or even a submarine!) which will then compete in races around the globe against similar vehicles. Everything is possible: only the students’ imagination can be a limiting factor in constructing these high-performance vehicles. An impressive number of Dream Teams will host a small exhibition at the Damen Raceroei Regatta. You may be familiar with some, such as the Nuon Solar team, while others are brand new! Follow this link for an overview.

Drawing wall
On Saturday a team of creative Lagaaiers will observe the exciting races and the Regatta Boulevard. During this day, they will create a creative summary of the event in the form of a large drawing. Take a look inside the tent and get inspired!

Market Stalls
New this year at the Regatta Boulevard are the market stalls. Here innovative companies get the opportunity to show what products or services they have to offer. Think of sportswear, running advice, nutritional supplements, a specialist bicycle dealer, style advice for the men or a whole new way of rowing. Each stall will add something unique to the Regatta and will provide the spectator and rower relaxation when they’re done rowing. Feel free to ask the representatives of these stalls any question during the weekend of 6 and 7 May, they are there for you and are enthusiastic about sports. Since not every stall allows payment by card, we recommend you to bring cash if you want to make a purchase.
Want to know which companies will be present? Follow this link for an overview.

Would you like to cycle along with one of the races? But are you visiting the Damen Raceroei Regatta by car of public transport? No problem! We have many bicycles that you can borrow for free, so you don’t have to miss a single race!

Information Desk
Have you lost the big picture for a moment? At our information desk, we have many volunteers who would be happy to answer all of your questions. We will also provide you with a plan of the venue, to help you find your way around the Regatta Boulevard. If the sport of rowing is new to you, we can also provide you with our free introduction booklet “Rowing for Dummies”!

Regatta boulevard

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