The fifth board is complete

Published on: 23 December, 2016

Starting now, the organisation of the fifth edition of the Damen Raceroei Regatta will try their hardest to make the regatta as much of a success as last year’s edition. This years board is constituted as follows:

mr. J.S.M. van der Meer President
ms. A. van Winsen Secretary
mr. S. Stroobants Treasurer
mr. D. Sotiriadis Venue Manager
ms. S.C. Geerlings Sponsoring
ms. M.E. Meijer Spectators
mr. R. Frölke Volunteers
mr. B.J. van der Werff Logistics
ms. A.A. Ticheler Promotion
ms. C.C.E.M. Orbons Regatta Manager
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