Dream Teams

Over the past decade, Delft University of technology has acquired quite a reputation in the field of (sustainable) innovation. A big driving factor in this was provided by the so-called “Dream Teams”, groups of students who are offered the opportunity to build a vehicle (land- or water-based, or even a submarine!) which will then compete in races around the globe against similar vehicles. Everything is possible: only the students’ imagination can be a limiting factor in constructing these high-performance vehicles. An impressive number of Dream Teams will host a small exhibition at the Damen Raceroei Regatta. You may be familiar with some, such as the Nuon Solar team, while others are brand new!

Nuon Solar Team

Nuon Solar Team
The Nuon Solar Team competes in the World Solar Challenge, a gruelling race over 3000 kilometers between vehicles that are exclusively solar-powered. Last year, the team won the race and became the world champion in solar racing.
Website: nuonsolarteam.nl/


The design of modern rowing shells has not changed much in the past decades. Rowing Innovation and Sports Engineering is a brand new Dream Team that will try to make the fastest rowing shell known to man.
Website: risedelft.nl/


WASUB is a Dream Team that constructs a submarine driven solely by human-powered propulsion mechanisms. They will compete in the European International Submarine races. WASUB will even host a demo of their vehicle!
Website: wasub.nl/


Solar Boat
The TU Delft Solar Boat Team designs and constructs a hydrofoil powered by solar energy The hydrofoil lifts the entire craft out of te water, reducing friction and increasing its top speed.
Website: solarboatteam.nl/


iMobilitychallenge 2013
DUT Racing is known for developing extremely lightweight (but extremely fast!) Formula Student racing cars. DUT Racing has won the international competition Formula Student Germany a total of five times! They are currently second in the world rankings, but will do everything in their power to secure the top spot!
Website: dutracing.nl/


NovaBike is a Dream Team investigating the opportunities for racing on sustainable fuels. Their vehicle is a motorcycle powered by bio-ethanol.
Website: novabike.nl/


Eco Runner Team Delft aims to build an extremely energy efficient land-based vehicle. Their ultimate goal is to design a vehicle that can drive up to 5000 kilometers on the equivalent of 1 liter of gas!
Website: ecorunnertudelft.weebly.com/

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